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The Alphorn Institute is a group of leading alphorn professionals who strive to advance the legacy of the alphorn in North America. We have multiple methods of working toward this goal including our in-person workshops, The Alphorn Podcast, our Alphorn Store, and our upcoming video series.

Our workshops are designed for anyone who has an interest in the alphorn. Whether you are a professional musician, or you have never played an instrument before, our incredible teaching staff will provide all the tools you need to reach your goals as an alphorn player.  This year's events schedule features the 16th Annual North American Alphorn Retreat in Utah, The Northwest Alphorn Workshop in Washington, and the the 2nd Annual Windy City Alphorn Workshop in Illinois. For more information about our workshops, click HERE or follow the Events link in the site menu. To register for the North American Alphorn Retreat, the Windy City Alphorn Workshop, or the Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop click HERE or follow the Register link in the site menu. To register for the Northwest Alphorn Workshop click HERE.

The Alphorn Podcast is hosted by Robert Brazelton and Sean Slatter. The episodes feature interviews from the top alphorns players, makers, and historians from across the globe. During the episodes we discuss the history of the alphorn, how people are using the horn today, and how and why we have all fallen in love with this ancient instrument. Most importantly we discuss how we can continue the growth of he alphorn and ensure that it will continue to grow for future generations. You can listen to the podcast on this site, or find it on any of the major podcast hosting websites.

Our alphorn store has instruments, mouthpieces, music and accessories that we source from the top builders and composers the world over. Follow this link to learn about our products, or reach out to Tony Brazelton for information on our current inventory.

Thank you for coming to this website, and helping us in our goal of continuing the growth of the alphorn.

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