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Alphorn Store

We have a continually changing selection of alphorns, mouthpieces, music, and other accessories made by the top builders and composers from around the world.  The photos on this page are a sample of our selection, but do not necessarily represent our current inventory. If you are looking for a horn, mouthpiece, or music from a specific builder or composer, let us know and we would be happy to help you find what you are looking for. In addition to alphorns, we also have hand-made didgeridoos from Australia if you would like to expand your collection of   

To learn about our current inventory and pricing, contact Tony Brazelton or reach out to us through our contact page on this site. You can Reach Tony by phone at (801) 201-4842 or

email at


We have alphorns available for players and aspiring players alike. Our selection of horns come from the top builders the world over.


Mouthpieces and Accessories

We have mouthpieces from the top makers in Europe. Our selection contains mouthpieces in a wide range of sizes and materials. We also carry mouthpiece adapters, music holders, bags and alphorn display stands.



Our selection of music contains pieces for players of all skill levels, and range from traditional to contemporary.



The didgeridoos we have available are hand made in Australia by

Tristan O'Meara

Tristan O'Meara didgeridoos_edited.jpg
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