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Tony Brazelton

Instructor & Founding Member


Tony Brazelton is a professional trumpet and alphorn player and instructor with more than 40 years of experience in musical performance. Tony's musical career has taken him all across the United States and Europe. In 1992 Tony founded the Salt Lake City, Utah based band Salzburger Echo. In 2008 he founded the North American Alphorn Retreat.

Salzburger Echo brings the music of the Alps to their audi­ences, playing Old World and Contemporary Folk music from the alpine regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzer­land. The band regularly plays some of the largest Oktoberfests in the nation and has performed at hundreds of elementary schools across the nation to help teach children about the origin of the music and about the music itself.


Tony was the third place finisher at the 2008 international alphorn competition in Nendaz, Switzerland. In 2010 he and Brian Priebe placed second with their duet, and Tony also placed fifth in the solo competition in Nendaz, Switzerland.


(801) 201-4842 

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