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Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop


The Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop is a weekend long celebration of the alphorn that takes place in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. The workshop is designed to cater to musicians of all skill levels, including day-one beginners. Our home base for the weekend is the beautiful Penmerryl Farm where there are a multitude of opportunities for enjoying our horns in their natural setting including 5.5 miles of hiking trails and a private lake. We will also be visiting some other great locations in the surrounding area.

The Alphorn Institute members leading this year's Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop are Tony Brazelton, Brian Priebe, Laura Nelson and Robert Brazelton. For more information about them, follow the Team link in the site menu.


The Blue Ridge Alphorn Retreat is taught using alphorns in the key of F. Alphorns will be available to rent if you do not have an alphorn of your own, do not wish to travel with your horn, or your alphorn does not play in the key of F.

The price for the Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop is $475. This fee includes all group lessons, as well as 3 dinners during the workshop. There is a discounted rate of $375 for students enrolled in elementary school- post graduate. The fee for non-playing guests is $150, this rate includes all of the meals during the retreat. The price to rent a horn for the duration of the retreat is $25.


There will also be alphorns, mouthpieces, music, and other accessories available for sale to anyone who is looking to start or add to their alphorn collection.

To register for the Blue Ridge Alphorn Workshop click the button below.

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