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Bill Hopson

Instructor & Founding Member

Bill Hopson.jpg

Combining his talents as a craftsman and a musician, he founded  Rocky Mountain Alphorns to hand build a limited edition of superior instruments for professional Horn players and discriminating enthusiasts. His Alphorns feature beautifully carved and painted artwork and are often trimmed with the stunning hardwoods he gathers from every corner of the globe. William Hopson performs and records on a Rocky Mountain Alphorn made from Canadian Sitka Spruce with Australian Jarra Wood highlights.


He has recorded four compact discs of Alphorn music and published one volume of Alphorn music, all of which are sold worldwide.


William Hopson is widely regarded as one of the finest Alphorn soloist of his generation. In his travels he has introduced the music of the Alphorn to audiences in North America, Europe and Asia. As a champion of the music of Swiss composer Jean Daetwyler, he has performed "Concerto for Alphorn and Orchestra" with many orchestras, receiving in every case an enthusiastic ovation from the audience.


For more information about William Hopson, his Alphorns and his performing career, see his website at

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