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Windy City Alphorn Workshop


The Windy City Alphorn Workshop is a three day event that takes place May 17-20, 2023 in North Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday night before the event starts there will be a get-together where everyone will have a chance to meet the instruction staff and their fellow participants. On Thursday and Friday we will meet at Lake Forest College for morning and afternoon sessions of large group rehearsal, chamber group rehearsal, alphorn history, alphorn theory, and breathing/ ear training technique lessons. On Saturday we will meet at Lake Forest for a dress rehearsal in the morning, and then in the afternoon we will meet at the Lincoln Park Zoo  for our final concert.


The Windy City Alphorn Workshop is taught using alphorns in the key of F. Alphorns will be available to rent if you do not have an alphorn of your own, do not wish to travel with your horn, or your alphorn does not play in the key of F.

The price for the Windy City Alphorn Workshop is $250. This fee includes all group lessons. There is a discounted rate of $200 for students enrolled in elementary school- post graduate (The fee for students also includes free alphorn rental during the workshop). The price to rent a horn for the duration of the retreat is $25. There will also be alphorns, mouthpieces, music, and other accessories available for sale if you are looking to start or add to your alphorn collection. 

The Alphorn Institute members who will be leading the 2nd Annual Windy City Alphorn Workshop are Dr.  Natalie Grana, Tony Brazelton, Brian Priebe, and Robert Brazelton. For more information on them, follow the Team link in the site menu.

To register for the Windy City Alphorn Workshop, click the button below or follow the Register link in the site menu

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