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Robert Brazelton

Executive Director, Podcast Host,

& Founding Member


Robert Brazelton is one of the top alphorn professionals in North America. He performs at events across the United States, composes and arranges alphorn music, is one of the hosts of the Alphorn Podcast, and imports alphorns and mouthpieces from the top builders around the world. Robert is also the head organizer and manager of the Alphorn Institute's workshops.

Robert started playing alphorn in the summer of 2003, while he was still in middle school. He got his start accompanying  his father Tony Brazelton playing at parades and joining the Salzburger Echo band at Oktoberfest events in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Before graduating high school, Robert had already begun to establish himself as one of the top young alphorn players in the U.S. and abroad.


Robert was the first American to compete in the International Alphorn Festival (Nendaz, Switzerland), and has tallied two top-ten finishes.  Robert performed an alphorn solo for the Utah State High School Solo/Ensemble Festival in 2009 and received a superior rating. This is believed to be the first time that the alphorn was used in a State Solo Festival in the United States. Because of his accomplishments as a young player, Robert has been interviewed for and featured in several television programs that ran across Europe and North America.

To go along with his work to advance the legacy of the alphorn in North America, Robert is also one of the premier singers and yodelers from the Salzburger Echo band. Salzburger Echo brings traditional and contemporary alpine music to fans across the United States through community concerts, private parties, and some of the largest Oktoberfests and European heritage festivals.

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